At Ryley Carlock & Applewhite, we understand water, how to find it, how to evaluate it and how to secure it for our clients. Our water law expertise is preeminent in the West.

We help clients acquire water and water rights or protect their existing rights through litigation, administrative proceedings and in the legislative arena, not only in Arizona and Colorado, but throughout much of the Southwest.

We understand "water deals." From helping to engineer intricate Indian water rights settlements to multi-faceted water and land deals, many of our water law transactions have been on the cutting edge of water resource policy and markets in the United States.

Many of our water law transactions have been on the cutting edge of water resource policy and markets in the United States. Highlights of our water law representation include the following:

  • Advocacy in state court general stream adjudications, including appellate advocacy in both state supreme courts and the United States Supreme Court.
  • Successful negotiation of numerous Indian Water Rights settlements. 
  • Participation in agency rulemakings under Arizona's Groundwater Code and Environmental Code.
  • Obtaining water allocations from the Colorado River/Central Arizona Project.
  • Assisted in the formation of the Mohave County Water Authority.
  • Development and completion of cutting edge water transactions.
  • Strategized legislative solutions for underground storage and interstate banking of renewable water supplies.
  • Negotiated and obtained landmark Congressional approval of a lease of Colorado River water from an Arizona Indian community.
  • Obtaining certificates of assured water supply for numerous developments throughout the West.
  • Representation of numerous clients in regulatory agency enforcement actions.
  • Secured water supplies for Western Arizona, various areas of Colorado and Southern Nevada.
  • Participated in efforts to reform States trust land laws.
  • Restructured water supply for major mining corporation.
  • Participated in drafting legislation authorizing water exchanges.
  • Arranged transfers of Colorado River water rights and CAP allocations.
  • Arranged transfers of surface water rights from irrigation districts to municipalities.
  • Negotiated sales and leases of groundwater rights.
  • Arranged purchases of large quantities of treated municipal effluent for use in industrial and irrigation applications.



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