eDiscovery & Managed Review

Helping Manage and Streamline the eDiscovery & Document Review Process
We help public and private companies and law firms successfully review massive volumes of paper and/or electronically stored data in preparation for litigation, government investigations, due diligence research and regulatory events. Since 2004, our eDiscovery & Managed Review team has managed over 400 document reviews involving nearly half a billion pages of electronic and paper information.

Our success is built on making document review cost-effective and adding strategic and tactical value from the moment we begin until the project is complete. Download our Brochure here.

Our Unique Industry Offering

  • We certify our document review services. As a dedicated practice within a law firm, Ryley Carlock & Applewhite’s eDiscovery & Managed Review team provides document review services that are backed by and insured under our malpractice carrier. In the saturated market of document review vendors and firms, we have witnessed firsthand that certification is becoming increasingly important to our clients and to judges. Our clients tell us that a certified review gives them peace of mind.
  • We perform a 1-pass Smart Review. Smart Review is a project management-based approach where we perform a single, substantive review of each document, rather than multiple layers of “eyes-on” review for each category of data. This approach requires early commitment to and focus on training and education and close interaction and collaboration to develop a comprehensive coding structure. Our proprietary approach ensures that our document review projects are delivered on time, within budget, and are of the highest possible quality—making Smart Review the most efficient, cost-effective and defensible review process.
  • We provide additional unbundled litigation services. Our team adds value through drafting critical event timelines, assembling witness and deposition binders, preparing deposition summaries, and key document objective/subjective coding, allowing clients to utilize our team to realize additional cost-saving opportunities throughout the entire litigation process.
  • Our team is built on the adage: quality people in; quality product out. We hire experienced lawyers who stick with us and our clients for the long term; our core team has been in place for 8+ years. Our review staff includes former judges, in-house counsel, trial attorneys, engineers, law firm partners, patent attorneys, and state and federal government attorneys. Throughout the document review process, we add value by thinking and behaving like lawyers engaged in the practice of law.
  • You get lower overall project costs and shorter timelines compared to our competitors. Using a low-cost provider doesn’t ensure that your final bill is lower. In fact, we’ve found that many of our competitors offer scathingly low hourly rates only to end up racking up twice the hours using inefficient, multi-layer review processes. At our firm, we offer competitive hourly rates, provide reliable timelines and estimates for all projects before we start, and do not charge you for overtime or holiday work.

Keys to Our Success

The keys to our success are effective project management, vigilant budget management, constant communication and unrelenting quality control.

Effective Project Management. Our Project Managers are responsible for managing all of the components involved in a document review project.

  • Project Scoping—We discuss with you the project complexity and strategy, determine the data size and current disposition, set the budget and deadline, estimate initial staffing needs, identify the technology platform(s) and perform Early Case Assessment.
  • Early Case Assessment—Significant time and resources can be saved by focusing on Early Case Assessment. Regardless of the size of the data set, this is a critical part of the managed review process, allowing us to organize and better understand data, reduce the data size, increase efficiencies and minimize unnecessary costs and risks.
  • Team Selection—Assembling the right team for each project helps reduce the learning curve time, minimize error rate and maximize efficiency, all of which help reduce the overall cost.

Vigilant Budget Management. We track your project’s budget against your project’s timeline for completion in real time, so there are no surprises. This means we provide you with budget v. project completion reports as frequently as you require. If the scope of your project changes or we discover the budget is off course, we inform you immediately so we can discuss and agree on any necessary adjustments. We take great pride in providing our clients with realistic project budgets before we begin and monitor it closely throughout the project.

Constant Communication. Throughout the document review process, your designated Project Manager maintains constant communication with you and the litigation team on issues of critical importance. This includes sharing key discoveries that enable you to make informed, strategic decisions about the case.

Unrelenting Quality Control. We take quality control very seriously; we don’t want to miss critical information! We focus on doing the right kind of quality control for your specific project, always customizing our approach to achieve the best result possible.

Our Team

We believe that a quality review starts with a quality eDiscovery & Managed Review team; the people are everything. To be effective, our team must have constant interaction with the selected technology vendors, the law firm handling the litigation and the in-house legal teams. Our clients tell us that they view our team as an extension of their litigation team.

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